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Track Day Fun at Streets of Willow Springs with Project 71-109

So I'm not new to the Streets of Willow Springs Raceway but this was definitely going to be the first real shakedown for Project 71-109. With any good track day prep I finished up with replacing the rear brakes, which was much needed as the rear pads were paper thin. I also took the opportunity to swap the front brake lines for a set of braided lines I had and completely flushed out the old brake fluid for some fresh Motul 600.

I happened to come across this track event hosted by Extreme Speed Track Events just 2 days before; luckily I was able to find a couple friends to go with one being the new owner of Project Integra. It was great to finally be back to the track and to be able to do it with friends and also to see my former project car running around the track made for a perfect day.

This was a twilight event which meant it started at 5pm and ran till 9pm which also meant that the final session would be in utter darkness. Thankfully my final session fished up just before the sun exited. I can't imagine head up towards the bowl (counter clockwise) at over 100mph and hoping to hit the braking zone without launching off the track.

The event had a good mix of cars and driver levels with everything from a race prepped EVO, S2000 and Miata's running in the advanced group down to a stock Audi and VW in the beginner classes.

This time out I ran in the High Intermediate group (next time will be the advanced) but it worked out well to sort out my suspension setting and find the limits of the brakes, in a good way not the "oh hell, hold on I'm not going to make the turn"

I found the harder I pushed the car the more the VSA traction control system was holding me back. Every time the car sensed that the front was started to push or the rear would starting to rotate it would either react by applying the front brakes or cutting power. On my 3rd session out I disable the VSA and wow the car really woke up, I was able to turn in further and let the rear push me through the corners making my laps much more consistent. My Harry's Lap Timer showing my times all within a couple tenths.

Overall the S2k handled itself really well. I'll have to step up to a more aggressive set of race pads and see if it helps shorten the stopping distance on the front and rear straights. Besides the brakes a new set of wheels and tires are needed but I've already ordered the wheels, just have to wait 3 months for them to come in from Japan.

When we got to the track the temp gauge on the car read 105 so the first 2 sessions out were a little rough but thankfully the S2k and the Integra ran smooth, the Integra even doing double stints running back to back with 2 different drivers. The outside temp was definitely a factor for a handful of cars during the day watching a lot of the higher horsepower cars coming in before their session was over. Project 71-109 ran strong the entire day and I can't wait to find my next track day to get some more seat time.

It had been almost 2 years since I was at Streets and it felt good to be back. I really missed the feeling of running wide open and although there was really no socializing it still good to be around other likeminded people that are all at the same place for the same purpose. It's great to know that I can add track days to help fill in for more car related activities to do.

There will be plenty more to come on Project 71-109 with a solid direction on the build, but more on that later. Until then.

Everything Else.. Enjoy!!


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