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The Best Car Show in Japan - Daikoku PA

Now I'm sure you've heard of this spot before, but if you haven't the Daikoku PA (Parking Area) is basically a big truck stop and rest area in Yokohama Japan.... and its by far the coolest place to see cars.

It really doesn't matter if you stop by in the morning, during the day or at night. There is always something to see. For every trip where I'm based in Tokyo I make it a point to head over and hangout.

Now typically at night is the best time when the most cars come out. Unless is a special day 86 day (Aug. 6) and etc. My plan is to stop by each night around 10pm, expecting to hangout till about midnight or 1am.

For this trip I was lucky enough to have a heavy turnout of cars each night. With so many people in town for Tokyo Auto Salon there was a crazy mix of cars and people from all over. Seeing some big names like Larry Chen and YouTubers such as Dustin Williams.

The only downside was each night it decided to rain or even one night snow (just a little) but otherwise each night was just crazy. I condensed all the visits into one post for you'all and I hope you enjoy!!

It's always an interesting mis of cars, on this day I saw a fully race prepped s15 that I had seen earlier in the day at Tsukuba Raceway. You just never know what's going to come out.

I widebody 488 on air, rolled in with a R34 and R35 and this was just the start.

My favorite for this night was the trio of "Kanjo Style" Honda's that stopped by. For me this was the best from each generation, a CRX, eg6 and an EK9 for me on the Honda side of things it really doesn't get better than these 3.

I had the pleasure of meeting this owner and his friend who were happy to talk about their cars. The owner of the Supra also had a DC2 ITR back home in his garage getting some work done. The owner was so cool and happy to show off his car he even took my buddy out for a quick run in his Supra.

A static Chaser came out with a really cool looking Itashi livery on his drift setup. The car was really clean.

Now if you've been Daikoku-Futo and want to come out to experience all this fun, you're going to need to rent a car. Although I did meet a guy that had a cab bring him out and wait for him with the meter running. I can only imagine how much his final bill was. lol Otherwise there is no train service and taxi's do not stop looking for fairs. Renting a car and driving around can be fun (see my other post)

With all these legendary cars, I ended up out in the rain for hours. But it was completely worth it.

Everything Else. Enjoy!!


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