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Super Autobacs, Megaweb and History Garage - All In One Place, Odiaba

Odiaba is a man made island of sorts that houses multiple shopping malls and other things to do. You can easily spend a whole day just wondering around Odaiba and getting there is easy by train, car or if its nice out a boat ride. I usually save Odaiba for a bad weather day since most of my time can be spent indoors.

With Super Autobacs, Toyota's Megaweb and the Megaweb History Garage there are plenty of car related activities do and if you are a Gundam Fan you can of course visit the 3 story Gundam Statue and the Initial D Arcade experience in Venus Fort.

Out of the 3, Super Autobacs is the most difficult to get to, requiring a short walk from the nearest train station unless you are driving then you just have to be prepared to pay for parking.

Super Autobacs has improved greatly since I first visited years ago. They have added so many products, its really a one stop shop for everything automotive. On the first floor they have all the basics you could want from electrical connectors, tools, manga, magazines, diecasts and apparel. Now don't expect discounts like UpGarage as most items are at a premium but you are able to find most everything you could want all in one place.

Super Autobacs has a full service shop and also a car dealer that also sells Tesla's. Back inside and after to get your Starbucks fix, its time to head up to the second level. The second floor is where their performance parts are located and if you don't mind again paying the premium price they do have numerous items for most makes and a lot of the newer models.

With their extensive publication collection I was able to pick up the new MF Ghost manga, the newest Hot Version DVD and a few magazines, I also picked up a handful of stickers and a couple of other random things.

Now typically Megaweb is another place I spend a lot of time looking at what Toyota has on display for their production cars and in their race and future car areas. Like I said typically, this was the first time I was disappointed but let explain a little further. With the up and coming 2020 Olympics they had completed reorganized their upstairs section, removing the race cars and performance parts display for an athletic theme with batting cages and basketball hoops.

On the lower level they still had all their production cars on display where you have full access to get in and look through them but I was so disappointed I really just sped through and moved on. They also provide test drives for a lot of their production vehicles (have to speak/read Japanese).

They did have a couple racecars on display but overall for this part of the trip it was highly disappointing. Now I would say anytime after the 2020 Olympics it should go back to normal and all the athletic displays should be converted back to vehicle displays and completely worth the visit.

Just down through the mall a little bit you'll find the Megaweb History Garage (previously Toyota History Garage) This is 2 floors of random cars and is pretty cool. Its setup as a full size diorama with a very eclectic rotation of vehicles and displays.

Make sure and check the patio spaces where I was able to find some really epic cars, like the Bluebird, Skyline and Celica to name a few.

On the lower level they have a ton of diecast cars for sale, a small cafe and a viewing window into their shop space (Restore Pit) where they are always working on something different and cool.

The Motorsport Heritage Section is has a handful of rally cars on display. The All-trac Celica and rally Corolla were always a favorite of mine but the 85' MR2 they had on display was how Toyota should have built that car.

If you have the time or end up with a rainy day on your trip and need to kill some time but still want to get your car fix in, head over to Odiaba.

Everything Else. Enjoy!!


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