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Paint, Chuckwalla Fail, Laguna Seca PB and Time for More Downforce

So its been an interesting couple months and the reason coverage on Project 71-109 has been so light. I had a completely failed track day where I left early (after 2 sessions) another awesome trackday beating my personal best by 2 secs. Installed a rollcage, Sparco seat and +30 fenders, then removed a rollcage, sparco seat and wide fenders to only to re-install later (except for the fenders). Oh ya, and the car has to go back for more paint work. Like I said its been an interesting couple months, lol

Project 71-109 went in for a paint refresh and to swap a few additional parts since things were getting painted. I put the car in the shop with a deadline to get it back to be able to attend the Vtec Club season opener at Chuckwalla raceway.

While the car was down it was also a good time to order and wait on more parts. So I ordered a rollcage from Rockstar Garage which promptly went to powdering coating for a custom color.

Speaking of custom colors I took advantage of the car being in the shop to have the hardtop and carbon hood (not yet ready) custom painted a House of Kolor, Jet Black w/ blue metajuls. At a distance the hardtop looks black but as you get closer and the sun hits it you see a beautiful blue shimmer. It reminds me of a lowrider flake paint only more subtle.

This is the first time in my life where I had a completely failed trackday. Sure I've had an off or a part break but never have I had to leave a track event early. Its funny cause I didn't even to get to take any photos, no pit walk, nothing. It was a complete rush to get the car in driving condition for the Vtec Club season opener at Chuckwalla. Parts like my J's Racing exhaust and even my hardtop, which was stuck in paint had to skipped to make the event. Working on the car to early till the morning of I was determined to make the event but I should have known with how rushed I was things were not going to go well. So I arrived late to the event and as I was signing in and collecting my transponder I heard the pre-grid call for my class. I literally ran back to the S2000 and threw everything out of it, grabbed my helmet and checked tire pressures while I could hear them starting to lap. Its no surprise that I got about 4-5 laps in and spun. After my first session I was able to prep before my next session out but honestly my head wasn't in it. Went out on my second session and was way off my time which made no since cause I had switched to the almighty A052's which should have been faster then the RE-71R I ran the last time I was at Chuckwalla. After my second session I grabbed some food and handled some personal items (phone calls and etc) which completely took my head away from the track. So I decided to end my day early. Time to prep for Laguna Seca

With a couple weeks before Laguna Seca it was time to get the Project 71-109 sorted. First thing to go was the +30 fenders. For me fitment and bodylines are a priority and we just couldn't get the fenders to fit clean enough. If the car was a pure track car the fenders would have worked just fine.

Next was getting the the rollcage installed. I had initially wanted to get the entire cage welded in. But after talking to a couple fabricators no one was willing to weld the rear mounts since it was so close to the gas tank. Luckily I had a friend that was willing to weld the front mounts for me and I ended up just bolting in the rears.

With Project 71-109 I was able to install a couple other items I had like the Racebred front splitter and a new set of front brakes. Back to my Hawk DTC-60s for the front. There is something about these pads I just really feel comfortable using and since I'm no longer using the +30 fenders my Stoptech BBK won't fit so that means I need to come up with a new brake solution. Time to order some APR brake ducts and see how that goes.

There is something about Laguna Seca. It feels like my home track, anytime I want to test a new part or need to refocus this is the track I go to. I wish I didn't have to drive 7 hours to get there but if that what it takes.

As the title says I was able to find 2 seconds at Laguna Seca and the car had more in it, plenty more but I ended up with only 3 of the 4 sessions cause someone dropped oil on the track. What a difference Project 71-109 felt so much better, much more connected to the road. I sure the front splitter helped keep the A052's up front planted. I'll have to do a separate post since there were so many good cars out that day.

On the subject of downforce its time for a rear wing. Stay tuned for more on that when it comes in. I've got 2 track days in May, Chuckwalla and Streets

I was finally able to get my Works installed. Running 255s in the front and 285s in the back.

Sneak peak at a couple more items and my new helmet.


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