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Nissan Global Headquarters Gallery

It doesn't matter what you're into Japan has it on any day you can visit multiple performance shops, PA's (parking areas) or a specific manufacturer that you you might feel like seeing. So that leads me to why I stopped by Nissan Global Headquarters Gallery in Yokohama. At the time I was driving my S15 rental car and had a little time before it was time to head out to Daikoku PA.

After parking my car in one of the coolest underground elevator parking garages. One of those garages where you park get out of your car and it then disappears down into the abyss. So the Nissan Gallery is located in a business and shopping area in Yokohama so after I stopped for a really good burger I got to work.

Like most of the places I went the Nissan Gallery consisted of a a handful of solid cars and just like all my other visits the Nissan Gallery didn't disappoint with what they had on display. They of course had their current car lineup there but I skipped right past those and headed right to what can only be described as a unicorn and a car I never thought I see outside of my Gran Turismo garage.

My main reason for my visit was to get to see and drool over the R33 GTR LM road car. Nissan is kind enough to rotate these special cars from their collection and I was lucky enough on my trip to be able to stop by. Now once I finished taking in this massive widebodied R33 I was able to move on and enjoy the other cars on display.

The full lineup of Nismo models were also on display, the 2020 Nismo GTR was looking clean in white. There was also a couple of old and new racecars on display with the new electric leaf and the older JGTC R33 and if you're looking to pick up some Nissan or Nismo goods there was a large merch store with whatever you might be looking for from socks to diecasts.

Overall the Nissan Headquarters is another stop you should add to your list of must sees and its a perfect place to grab some dinner before headed to hangout at Daikoku Pa to close out the night.

Everything Else. Enjoy!!


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