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Change of Direction - Introducing Project - 71-109

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Sometimes ideas and projects change. As much as I enjoyed the Integra I found myself yearning for a rear wheel drive car. At first I looked into the Miata's and BRZ's but neither really excited me and the more research I did the more I started zeroing in on the S2000.

So for 2 months I looked. I started my search on the west coast trying to find something within a couple hours of SoCal with no luck. Expanding my search across the entire US gave me more options. I finally found a S2000 that fit my requirements in Florida.

The requirements for the car was that it needed to be an AP2, specifically a 06 or higher after they switched to a drive-by-wire setup, low mileage, NA with a stock airbox, a low number of owners and a clean title. Besides that if I could find one with a hardtop that would be a bonus. The last requirement was that it needed to be any other color then silver.

As you can see the car I found is in excellent condition, with the Laguna Blue Pearl color being a favorite of mine. It also came with a hardtop and a spotless engine bay. On top of all of that the previous owner also got the car serviced at LHT, which if you don't know LHT, they do extremely good work and are known for their work on S2k's.

Being in SoCal and with the car in Florida did present a few challenges, but lucky for me I have a lifelong friend that lived close to the car and who was able to talk with the owner, drive and inspect car (huge help)

With all the details agreed upon it was time to go get the car. Not wanting to take extra time off of work I decided to take a red eye flight Thursday night, landing in Florida Friday morning where my friend picked me up in his Hellcat and drove me so I could pick up my s2k.

After a quick lunch with my friend it was time to get my 36hr drive home started. Things started with the first leg of my drive up to Pensacola, FL (6hrs) where I slept for about 6hrs (much needed after the red eye flight) before leaving Saturday morning for Texas. Back up at 4am it was time to leave Florida and make it all the way to El Paso, TX, which was about 18hrs of straight driving, stopping only for gas and food. It really seemed like Texas would never end.

At one of my pitstops I decided to install a set of Seeker Wide Blue Mirrors that I had brought with me on the flight. With the mirrors installed it was time to get back on the road.

On Sunday I completed the remainder of my trip, driving from El Paso, TX to Orange County, CA (12hrs). Over all the drive was uneventful and the car ran great. Now with the car back home it's time to get started on Project 71-109. First thing on my list after a really good cleaning will be all the preventative maintenance items and then I'll move on to the fun stuff.

Stay tuned for lots more as I get started on Project 71-109

All the rest... Enjoy!!


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