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ASM - Shop Visit

If you own a s2000 or are into Recaro seats then you know ASM. The 2 story wall of Recaro's is just an awesome site. Whatever Recaro you want they have just bring plenty of yen.

If you are looking for some of the best, highend parts for your s2000 you don't have to look any further then ASM. From bodykits to bracing its all here and if you have any questions if they know what they are doing all you have to do is check out their NA powered s2000 that ran sub 1 minute (56.875) lap at Tsukuba Raceway.

ASM is located in Yokohama, so I was able to stop by the Nismo Omori Factory, ASM and Daikoku PA all in one day. So if you plan to take a day trip to Yokohama or to stop by the PA do yourself a favor and add ASM as a must see stop.

Like most of the shops I visited while in Japan, it was just as much about the cars outside as what was on display inside or being worked on in the service bay.

Outside there were multiple s2k's in the lot that were either being worked on or for sale. They were a handful of Type-S versions that were for sale.

ASM is a great quick stop if you are in Yokohama or need some premium parts for your s2k.

Everything Else. Enjoy!!


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