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The Evolution - Changes & Growth

It's an interesting change as my Youtube Channel starts to grow so does the direction and focus on what I'd like to cover and be able to show all of you that follow me or come across my content. Im always talking and meeting new people and coming across all these wonderful cars of which on my Media outlets I don't really get to fully show you just how cool or interesting the cars or even the owners are. So this is what lead me to my new review/interview line of videos I've started doing. My very first and which will probably end up my favorite of these was with a good friend of mine that also happened to have bought from me one of my favorite cars I've ever owned (Ap2 S2000). So, of course I had to do a vid on him and the car.

My focus or direction at this point is to classify what the overall use that the car has been built for. i.e. Show, Race, Drift or Street Tuned and take the cars out, shoot and drive the car in its intended environment. It's kinda a mix between a Jay Leno Garage and Motor Trend car review.

I really enjoy not only the cars but also getting the input from the owners on everything from why they went for that specific platform of car and into the depth of how and why the built it the way they did.

The goal is to be able to put these types of vids out weekly, sharing in greater depth the car culture, the people and and their cars.


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