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Monaco - Grand Prix 2019

Bucket List Event

While on vacation I found myself near Monaco during the Grand Prix. The Monaco Grand Prix is one of coolest events, a road course through the heart of the city with the backdrop of Mega Yachts stacked in the Port.

Now back to how I ended up at the event. We had plans to be in Nice for a couple days and make a day trip to Monaco just to see how the uber rich do. A few days prior to our flight from Seville to Nice I saw an ad that the Grand Prix was the day after we would be in Nice (only a 20min train ride away). Time to try and find tickets, grandstand tickets for the day were to much at 650-2k per person but I after some research I was able to score some general admission tickets with the warnings from the forums to get there early to have a view of the track.

It was awe inspiring to be able to walk/drive each of the famous sections of the course. All of which are accessible, they have taxi services and of course exotics that you can rent to fulfill your dreams of being in the Grand Prix. Also prices during the practice sessions are very affordable and highly recommended since the grandstands throughout the track provide a great view on the track.

General seating was enough to be able to say I was there. You get to feel the race more then see it, but its totally worth it. Everyone crowed together in some cases just to get a small glimpse of the race. I even saw a few who climbed up on tree branches. Get there early and you'll be fine. I was able to watch all 3 races.

So Monaco is known for the super rich and did not disappoint. Just a candy shop of cool cars, there were exotics everywhere, with a few rare and even a couple I've never seen before.

An example is this Arash AF10 with its 4 electric and 1 petrol motor making a combined 2080 BHP. I had to look this one up as I had only heard of but had never seen one in the States.

Arash AF10

Now for the car enthusiast, forget the clothes, this is the place to do some window shopping, just pick your favorite high end car and take a trip to the local dealer as they are all represented here in Monaco.

Monaco ended up being more then just a vaca spot. It was a Bucket List trip I'll never forget.

Everything Else. Enjoy


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